Career Utsav - Reach 150+ schools in 3 cities in just 2 days each

Maximize Relevant Brand Reach: Reach 150+ schools in 3 cities in just 2 days each!

Sweating it out for days on end, one school at a time, in your quest to reach your target audience?

Career Utsav

Wouldn’t you like it if you could meet them all in one place? How about going one step further and filtering out your interest group from among them?

Career Utsav, the biggest upcoming education fair in India, is bringing you just what you need - a power-packed balance that allows you to reach students in large numbers but also with a laser-sharp focus! Wondering how we achieve this? Read on for all the delectable details!

The Problem

When it comes to education, Career Utsav understands that the students you want to target are scattered across institutions in any given city. This translates to a need for much time, money, and manpower before they can be reached and engaged effectively so that your brand achieves the maximum awareness and recall.

Ideally, you’re looking to interact with the maximum number of students from your target group in a short span of time.

But how?

An Effective Solution
What Career Utsav Offers

Career Utsav offers you an effective and economical means to reach out to a large number of students from across the city in a matter of days!

Stepping into its 6th year, the only platform that hosts the largest education exhibition in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kota, Career Utsav makes this possible by bringing together, on the one hand, students of 11th and 12th grades and their parents, and on the other hand, educational institutions and other relevant exhibitors.

In other words, you’ll find all the stakeholders of ‘careers after +2’ under a single umbrella.

You can engage with the students face to face through activities, workshops and presentations, educate them about the admission process, allow them to experience a Mock Test in real-time, and handhold them to choose an appropriate program and career.

And it doesn’t stop there!

A Unique Feature for Laser-Sharp Focus

Career Utsav makes it possible for you to reach your specific target audience through a unique feature - the opportunity to conduct a seminar with pre-registered students. This pre-registration for sessions ensures that only interested candidates are retained and helps to make the interaction more effective.

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Why Career Utsav

Using a multi-channel publicity plan that covers every imaginable medium from print to electronic and digital, Career Utsav makes sure you get the best bang for your buck!

This is coupled with ample infrastructural support at the event, including 3 auditoriums equipped with audio-visual infrastructure for workshops, seminars, or Mock Tests.

A widespread pavilion is also available to set up an information kiosk at each event venue, such that it supports activities like showcasing various courses, highlighting strengths and achievements and launching new courses, thus allowing you to create and amplify brand awareness.

Join Career Utsav and give your brand the ultimate boost!

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