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Career Utsav

1,50,000+ students have shared how Career Utsav - in last five years - has changed the course of their life, by opening their minds, ascertaining their aptitude and showing them different paths and possibilities.

Parents have admitted that the Career Utsav experience taught them to not give in to societal pressure, but help their child choose a career best suited to them.

Responsible educators have been delighted at Career Utsav's ability to draw in the kind of students that they would like to connect and converse with.

Every feedback that we have received has helped us make Career Utsav more meaningful to all our stakeholders: students,parents and educators.

Five successful years and counting!

Fact File

Interesting Facts about Education System in India
  • India boasts of an education system which is one of the largest in the world with 1.4 million schools, 36,000 higher educational institutes and 227 million students.
  • The higher educational sector in India is the largest in the world with more than 70 million enrollments.
  • Just one out of nine children finishing school joins a college. India has one of the lowest higher education enrollment ratio of 11 per cent.
  • Indian students now spend $7 billion to go abroad and study in foreign universities.
  • Almost half of the country’s population is below 25 years. Almost 10 percent of them or 12 crore are between the ages of 18 and 23. If they are equipped with both knowledge and skills, they could drive India’s entrepreneurial with competitive spirit and make it into a global power.
Worried ?

Management guru Peter Drucker had once declared: “The Knowledge Society will become far more competitive than any society we have yet known… there will be no poor countries, there will only be ignorant countries… thus the competitive position of every country, industry, institution and individual will depend on the ability to harness and capitalize on knowledge”

Not Anymore...

For students….

  • Follow your passion and make an informed decision
  • Invest enough time to identify your own skills & evaluate career options
  • Network with experts and choose the right academic program at the right institute.

For Educators……

  • Offers rich undergraduate programs and platforms for students to interact with best of faculties
  • Create more and enough awareness about specialized courses and its impression on students' career path
  • Engage students on a neutral platform to raise queries and seek answers for informed decision making
All under one roof @ Career Utsav 2018….
A journey of life-changing milestones!
  • 24,00,000+ Worth scholarships and cash rewards distributed

  • 3,30,000+ Students interacted with BTL activities at schools & colleges

  • 1,95,000+ Online registrations

  • 1,44,000+ Students attended the event

  • 24,400+ Psychometric tests administered

  • 18,000+ Students appeared for mock exams (CET, NEET, CA- CPT, CLAT, etc.)

  • 600+ Schools, PU colleges and coaching institutes participated

  • 240+ Eminent speakers at the event

  • 90+ Exhibitors including universities, colleges & education service providers

  • 18+ Activity-filled days of actual events

  • 4 Cities hosted the event Bangalore, Mangalore. Hyderabad and Kota


Workshops / Seminars / Mock CET-NEET Test

Why Exhibit

Face-to-face Interaction
  • Engage them with activities, workshops & visual presentations
  • Extend a real time experience with “Mock” tests
  • Hand-hold them to choose apt course & career
  • Educate them about the admission process
Right Venue

With 3 auditoriums equipped with audio - visual infrastructure for Workshops / Seminars / Mock Tests and a widespread pavilion to set up information kiosk at each event venue – Bangalore | Kota | Hyderabad, every little care is taken to facilitate every career building.

Right Platform
  • Create and amplify brand awareness
  • Release / Launch New Courses
  • Highlight strengths & Achievements
  • Showcase various courses
Cost Effective

The most effective and highly economic platform to achieve desired interaction with target audience

Media Exposure

Benefit from increased value addition with abundant opportunities for media exposure on all platforms

Publicity Plan

Begin a conversation with your target audience!

Career Utsav provides you a one-of-its-kind opportunity to connect with more than one lakh students and their parents across three cities. We have always extended many exciting opportunities and avenues to help associates such as yourself, begin conversations with the right kind of students. Our focus has always been more on the relevance and quality of students and not just the numbers.

Print Media

Extensive advertising in leading dailies and distribution of leaflets, to create high visibility for the event & sponsors

PR Activities

Press releases, press conferences and other strategic activities planned for greater impact

Electronic Media

Studio Shift at the venue, RJ endorsements, contests and television advertising

BTL Activities

Distribution of ‘Careers After+2’ books to students only partner schools and colleges in each city.

Digital Marketing

Online reach through Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, other social media platforms and website links

Event Collaterals

Backdrops, Standees, Banners, Posters, Event souvenir, VIP invites and many more

Visitors profile

Extensive BTL activities preceding the event with 360+ partner institutions enables a reach out to thousands of students currently pursuing Class 11 & 12 / I & II PUC. Students and parents are also extended FREE shuttle service to reach the event hassle-free.

Career Utsav, undoubtedly becomes a place-to-be for all aspirants from all the cross roads of their career decisions.

Partnering Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

Amazing ways to maximize your visibility !