Career Utsav 2018: The Place to Engage with Emerging Careers in Design

Showcasing Emerging Careers in Design: Career Utsav 2018!

With the arrival of the digital world, careers in design have turned into an unstoppable beast with demand rising exponentially every year. Ideal for those who are imaginative, have a creative outlook, and competent, a Career in design may prove to be just what you’re looking for! Are you in the know?

Here is a quick look at some of the digital design careers that can have you flying high while reveling in the creative pursuit of combining visual skills and the ability to work with technology!

Web Design

Build intuitive and user-friendly websites, landing pages and mobile apps that appeal to the senses while also scoring high on functionality. There’s much more to the task at hand than just aesthetic appeal. A good grasp of the digital technology involved, an artistic and innovative bent, and a strong grounding in what good user experience, are some of the predictors for success in this career.

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Graphic Design

The graphic designer essentially makes use of images and other visual elements to convey ideas. They create visuals to meet specific promotional and other commercial needs, such as logos, displays, and for packaging.A knowledge of typesetting and tools such as software used will prove critical to success in this role.

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Creating animation and visual effects for films, television, video games, mobile devices, and other forms of media is the animator’s job. They also develop storyboards and script animated narrative sequences, playing a part in creating worlds from scratch.

education exhibition in Bangalore

If design is your area of interest, Career Utsav 2018 - the biggest career guidance program and upcoming educational event in Bangalore (15, 16 Dec 2018), Hyderabad (1, 2 Dec 2018) and Kota (23, 24 Nov 2018) is the place to be!

With an exclusive design pavilion with dedicated workshops, an installation display, a maker’s lab, and a counseling and mentoring pavilion, Career Utsav has it all sorted for the aspiring designer in you!

The proposition is as attractive for the educator as the student. As an educator, you get to be a part of the pavilion and enlighten the students about the world of design. Students are waiting to reach out to you and know more about the queries they have. Who can do this better than you?!

Be a part of the pavilion and enlighten the students about the world of design.

Register now! It’s the place to be this year and you can’t miss out on it!