Are you aware of emerging careers? Prepare Yourself for the Future!

Prepare Yourself for the Future

Are you aware of these emerging careers?

Unaware of the megatrends that are playing out today and will shape the future, students like you opt for traditional streams with the safety they bring in mind. However, all that is quickly changing.

Given the rapid changes and innovation in technology, industries today are in flux as far as where the demands for professionals lie.

Even engineering has spawned countless sub-disciplines ranging from multidisciplinary ones like architectural engineering to exotic fields like geotechnical engineering which are quickly gaining favor with the industry.

Here is a quick look at some of the emerging careers that have been gathering momentum in recent years.

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Love your math?

Owing to the great number of emerging multidisciplinary support alternatives due to AI and machines, the requirements for future grads will change.

A field that has been burgeoning in recent years and requires exceptional mathematical skills is AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning.

Machine learning engineers are computer programmers who develop software with AI capabilities that go beyond just automating specific tasks. The kind of work involved is sophisticated and requires mathematical abilities to work with algorithms involved in this type of programming.

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Problem solving your cup o’ tea?

Another area that simply cannot be ignored is big data. With the rise of IoT (internet of things) and related technologies, the flow of data from everyday appliances like refrigerators to automobiles and even wearables like wristwatches is increasing exponentially.

To keep up with this barrage of data and to make sense of it, data scientists who are capable of wielding the power of this big data are high in demand today and will be in the future. The skills required here include complex problem-solving capabilities, mathematical abilities, and good business intuition.

Passionate about working with people?

Showing a growth rate of 5.6 times more than in 2017 than in 2012 is this new kid on the block - the role of a customer success manager. It involves a power-packed, multi-functional mix of sales, marketing, support and training that is soon becoming the cornerstone of several types of businesses today, both technology-based and otherwise.

What with India being a powerhouse of startups, the sales development representative’s profile too is on the rise and you just might want to catch the wave if you are a go-getter and a people-centric person.

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Enjoy understanding multiple businesses?

If you enjoy working with the big ideas as well as fine print that goes into bringing businesses together, then a career as a partnership manager, leading to the role of head of partnerships or even head of M&A (mergers and acquisitions), might be just what you’re looking for. Skills in change management, a sound business acumen and a people-centric approach predict success in such roles.

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