Career Utsav 2018 | Choose Career after 12th | Mega Career Event

Career Utsav 2018 is setting the pace earlier this time. Join us to set the ball rolling.

Looking to interact with thousands of students and parents..?

Career Utsav 2018 is here for you. Read on to know more about our events.

Biggest Educational Event Is Back

Career Utsav takes immense pride in playing the perfect catalyst between our esteemed education partners and the young minds who are looking for expert guidance to decide career after 12th. Career Utsav being the best career guidance event, plays the role of a perfect match maker.

Since its start, over 1.5 lakh students have benefitted from the extensive career workshops and seminars on career planning, mock tests, psychometric test and counseling sessions. The career springtide is early this year, and there’s a reason.

3 Cities Advantage

Career Utsav thoroughly understands the cut throat competition in the world of education and more so in India. With Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Kota being among the prominent educational hubs giving us our engineers, doctors, lawyers and civil service aspirants, none of these three cities could’ve been missed out. Hyderabad and Kota are also the melting pot of migrants who reach these cities with big dreams in their eyes. Locking these three places presents a great advantage for our education partners to reach the target audience; after all, today it’s all about being there at the right place and at the right time.

Earlier, the better

Career Utsav 2018 is known for its well-planned timings to reach out to students at the right time. The schedule for critical competitive examinations has advanced effectively this year. It calls for a strategic positioning of the event to ensure active participation from students and parents.

As the students will get occupied with preparations for JEE & NEET to be held in the months of Jan-Feb 2019, it is important to introduce them, at the right time to the various career options available at their disposal. There it is! Career Utsav 2018 is scheduled to cater to the students of Kota on 23-24th November, while reaching out to aspirants in Hyderabad on 1-2nd December and 15-16th December at Bangalore. The event like every year has been perfectly timed providing ample time for students to ponder over their career choices and prepare well for the path ahead.

What’s In For Us?

So, what does this mean for students and parents alike? It’s a clear shout out for PLAN BETTER, REACH OUT RIGHT.

As a student or a responsible parent, it is the most important decision for a bright future. To critically evaluate between engineering or medicine one will need hand holding and access to all relevant information to make the right choice at the right time. Having an understanding about alternate career choices can also help them with a breather from unforeseen circumstances and act quickly with “Plan B” when required.

As an educator, it becomes all the more important to reach out to students much before their days of stress and calm their grey matter, with expert advices. Knowledge driven seminars on career planning and MOCK Tests will also extend the required platform to address queries from confused aspirants. True to the saying “Make hay while the Sun shines“, it’s important to reach out to students just when they need us.

Career Utsav, the annual marquee event, extends a platform to educators to Meet Students, Create Awareness and Spread knowledge. An aspiring students’ thirst for knowledge can only be quenched by participating educators. With 18 different seminar topics and workshops, extensive career counseling and guidance, MOCK Tests and Scholarships and complete 2 days of engaged learning and activities, the event is on a mission to ensure that these countless benefits percolate down every student when he/she needs it, before it is too late.

Excitement is reloading at Career Utsav. It is all set on its exciting voyage of building successful careers after +2.

Following is the schedule:

  • Career Event in Kota on 23rd & 24th November 2018
  • Career Event in Hyderabad on 1st & 2nd December 2018
  • Career Event in Bangalore on 15th & 16th December 2018

Career Utsav invites top universities, institutions and educators to associate and be a part of Career Utsav. To know more reach out to 9900795111 or email at